What is Wishboards

Tell about your wishes with all creativity possible. Make an impressive collage from the things you are dreaming about or watch the best wishes from all over the world. All that starts with Wishboards on iPad.

Create wishboards

To share wishes you need to put them onto wishboards. You can create one or more wishboards. To have several wishboards it’s very useful. “Gifts for next birthday”, “Trevels”, “Christmas”, “Gadgets” — create as many wishboards as you need, no limits for your imagination.

To add a unique style to wishboards or express a specific atmosphere of your wishes you can specify different backgrounds for your wishboards.

Having multiple wishboards you can quickly get to the one you need by flipping through pages with small previews.

Create and publish wishes

Tell about your wish. Choose a wishboard where you want to place your new wish and create the wish in the most convenient way for you.

Specify a unique picture, choose a name, put additional information like description, price, where to buy and for sure how strong your desire is. Want to know your friends’ opinion about the wish? — enable comments for them to leave messages.

You can place the wish you created onto any part of a wishboard. Use all standards iPad gestures to rotate, scale or move the wish over the wishboard. Feel yourself as a storyteller and painter at the same time.

Catalog of popular goods

Wishboards already built a Catalog of popular goods for you to make wish adding even more easier and convenient.

With just one touch you can pick something you like from Catalog and put it onto wishboard. All the additional information for that wish will be automatically added including the price and where to buy.

Now all your friends will know how to give you a great gift.

Create wishes from the Internet

Embedded browser helps to create wishes directly from the Internet without leaving Wishboards. Just open your favourite on-line shop, navigate to a page with the image and description of a product you like, then just a few touches bring that product onto your wishboard.

Share with friends

If you want to share a wishboard with someone it can be easily done by sending an e-mail with link to a web copy of that wishboard. Following that link everyone even those who don’t participate in Wishboards will be able to view your wishboard in all details. All the wishes placed on that wishboard are available for viewing and commenting.

Great combination of amazing iPad possibilities and instant availability from the Internet makes Wishboards the best place for your wishes.


Want to know your friends wish? — Invite them.

It’s very easy to invite friends in Wishboards. You can send invitations to your friends by e-mail using Contacts book of your iPad. If you like wishboards of some user you may easily become friends with just one touch on user’s avatar.

At any moment you can check your friends’ wishboards, rate them and keep track of any changes. Events system makes it especially convenient.

View peoples’ wishes

It’s so important to give a good present, but it’s so hard to know what is a good present for your friend. Now you need just check friend’s wishboards to answer all you questions. Touch a wish you have chosen to reserve and fulfil it later or leave a comment.

Top Charts

Wishboards provides you with a Top Charts collection of users’ wishboards based on rating and users’ preference. “By Rating”, “By Popularity”, “By Date” — great and convenient navigation allows you to comfortably flip through pages, small graphical previews placed in a grid help to catch interesting wishboards and ability to rate and comment allows you to express your feelings during collections browsing. By viewing any wishboard you can copy a wish you like to your own wishboard.

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