LitVice Launches Wishboards

Moscow — December 22, 2011 — LitVice announced launch of Wishboards, the service which provides the most creative, natural and easy way to share wishes using iPad.

Wishboards is an online service and amazing iPad application which makes it possible to tell your friends about your wishes in a completely new way. Friendly and intuitive interface of Wishboards along with awesome iPad features allow users to embody their own worlds of wishes by creating colorful and individual set of wishboards. Simple and original process of wish-creation allows to add images of a wishes from iPad Photos gallery, directly from the Internet or from the Catalog of popular products. With Wishboards it’s easy to tell all the friends about your wish by inviting them using iPad Contacts book or by publishing wishes on the Internet for instant access.

“Wishboards is a completely new approach to wishlist services which is focused on user’s convenience, self-expression and socialization opportunities,” said Yuri Novokhatko, CEO of LitVice. “Wishes are amazing and very personal attribute of a human life, that cannot be truly reflected by means of insipid and boring wishlists. Now you can fully trust your wishes to Wishboards creating a very special atmosphere around them: funny or philosophical, happy-go-lucky or austere etc. This revolutionary approach gives us the right to say that we have reinvented the wishlist”.

Wishboards introduces a revolutionary approach to wishes management that allows you to publish wishes easily with the help of your iPad and to demonstrate all your creativity at the same time. With Wishboards you can freely arrange your wishes as a beautiful set of images on a wishboard you designed especially for this purpose. For your convenience Wishboards allows you to create several wishboards, distributing wishes among different categories such as e.g. “Gifts for my birthday”, “Travels”, “Christmas” or “Gadgets”. Wishboards does not confine your imagination – you are free to create as many various wishboards as you need. To make your wishboards even more expressive and add individuality to it, you can choose from thousands of backgrounds, both paid and free, provided by Wishboards or take images from iPad Photos gallery.

Adding wishes becomes really fascinating and convenient with Wishboards. Wishboards allows to use images that you may find on the Internet or pictures from Photos gallery stored on your iPad. Wish publication in Wishboards goes far beyond ordinary listing you are free to place wishes as you like: rotate, scale and move them. All this helps to make your wishboards unique, and amazing iPad capabilities allow you to literally touch your wishes. Wishboards gives opportunity to add an additional description to each wish you created in which you can specify price information and place where you can buy and indicate how strongly your desire it. If you create a wish with a picture found e.g. on a page of an on-line shop, Wishboards will try to add a description to your wish automatically, using information given at that page.

Wishboards introduces Catalog of popular products to make the process of wish-adding even more comfortable. You may simply pick what you like from the Catalog and Wishboards will create a wish with all the necessary information that will help your friends to give you the present you really desire.

With a completely new approach to wish arrangement Wishboards makes browsing of other users’ wishes extremely interesting and enjoyable. Wishboards provides you with a Top Charts collection of users’ wishboards. Convenient navigation - “By Rating”, “By Popularity”, “By Date” - allows you to flip through pages comfortably; small graphical previews arranged in a grid help to spot interesting wishboards, and such options as rating and commenting allow to express the emotions evoked in the process of browsing the collections.

You can always get access to Wishboards through the Internet using web-browser as well. That's why it's so easy to share any wishboard with your friends directly from iPad – just choose «Share» and send an e-mail with a link to a web copy of the wishboard you found interesting. Thus even those of your friends who don't have iPad can take a look onto at the wishboards you like.

Wishboards allows you to find new friends. If you like wishboards of some user, you may easily become his or her friend with just one touch and keep track of all his or her wishes in the future. Besides, you can invite your friends directly by sending an e-mail invitation. It is much easier now, as you can use the Contact Book of your iPad instead of typing every single e-mail by hand. Wishboards helps to save your time.

Pricing & Availability

Wishboards application is available from the App Store for $1.99 (US)

Wishboards requires iPad with iOS 4.3 or later and Wi-Fi/3G connection to the Internet.

LitVice LLC is a software and media company focused on consumer application development for various types of popular mobile platforms (iOS, Android), media services (Facebook) and original media projects development. LitVice was founded in 2010 with headquarters based in Russia, Moscow.

The fundamental principle and primary objective for LitVice is to release user-friendly products meeting the highest quality standards and giving pleasure and rejoicing to the users. We know how to achieve this and look forward to keeping all the things carrying LitVice logo stylish, reliable, functional and useful for our clients.

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Latest news

December 1, 2011

Wishboards application for iPad was sent to App Store for review

LitVice announced final R&D stage for Wishboards project. At the moment product is under a code review in App Store (mandatory procedure).

April 17, 2011

Wishboards project started

LitVice announced development for Wishboards project, a new social service based on iOS application that helps users to easily publish their wishes.

February 4, 2011

LitVice chose iOS as a major target platform for upcoming products

LitVice announced iOS applications development.